YUNZII AL66 65% Layout Tri-Mode Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard


The YUNZII AL66: A compact, durable, and versatile mechanical keyboard featuring a full aluminum construction for premium quality and performance.

YUNZII AL66 65% Layout Tri-Mode Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard

CNC-Machined Aluminium Anodized Coating 65% Layout (66 Keys) Tri-Mode Connection Gasket Mount 5-layer Sound-Dampening Foams Flex Cuts PC Plate & Hot Swappable PCB South-Facing RGB Backlight N-Key Rollover Factory Lubed Switches Finely Tuned Stabilizers Double-Shot PBT Keycaps Aluminium Multifunctional Knob 4600mAh Battery


Introducing the YUNZII AL66, a compact yet powerful mechanical keyboard designed for optimal performance. Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum with an anodized coating, it boasts durability and a sleek finish. With a 65% layout and 66 keys, it balances space-saving design with essential functionality. Enjoy seamless connectivity with tri-mode connection and a stable typing experience with gasket mount and 5-layer sound-dampening foams. Features like N-key rollover, factory-lubed switches, and fine-tuned stabilizers ensure responsive and reliable performance. Customize your setup with south-facing RGB backlighting, flex cuts PC plate, and a multifunctional aluminum knob. Stay productive on the go with its long-lasting 4600mAh battery.


CNC-Machined Aluminium: The YUNZII AL66 boasts a robust construction, meticulously crafted from CNC-machined aluminium. This ensures durability and a premium feel, making it a standout addition to any setup.

Anodized Coating: Enhancing both aesthetics and durability, the keyboard features an anodized coating. This protective layer not only provides resistance against scratches and wear but also gives the keyboard a sleek, modern finish.

65% Layout (66 Keys): Balancing compactness with functionality, the 65% layout of the AL66 offers the perfect blend of space-saving design and essential keys. With 66 keys at your fingertips, productivity and efficiency are never compromised.

Tri-Mode Connection: Enjoy seamless connectivity across multiple devices with the AL66's tri-mode connection capability. Whether you prefer 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or USB-C wired connection, this keyboard adapts to your preferred setup effortlessly.

Gasket Mount: Experience a satisfying typing experience with reduced bottom-out noise, thanks to the gasket mount system. This innovative design provides optimal cushioning and stability, ensuring a comfortable typing experience.

5-layer Sound-Dampening Foams: Typing becomes even more enjoyable with the inclusion of five-layer sound-dampening foams. These foams enhance typing sound and feel, resulting in a quieter and more refined typing experience.

Flex Cuts PC Plate & Hot-Swappable PCB: Offering flexibility and customization, the YUNZII AL66 features a flex cuts PC plate. Combined with the flex cuts hot-swappable PCB, users can tailor their typing experience to suit their preferences with ease.

South-Facing RGB Backlight: Illuminate your workspace with vibrant RGB backlighting that shines through the south-facing keycaps. Personalize your setup and create the perfect ambiance for work or play.

N-Key Rollover: With N-key rollover, every keystroke is accurately registered, even during intense gaming sessions. Enjoy responsive and reliable performance, whether you are typing up documents or engaging in fast-paced gaming action.

Factory Lubed Switches: The AL66 comes equipped with factory-lubed switches, ensuring smooth and consistent actuation with every press. Say goodbye to friction and enjoy a buttery-smooth typing experience.

Finely Tuned Stabilizers: Typing becomes more stable and precise, thanks to the finely tuned stabilizers. Say goodbye to rattling keys and enjoy a consistent typing experience across the entire keyboard.

Double-Shot PBT Keycaps: The included double-shot PBT keycaps offer durability and resistance to fading, ensuring long-lasting performance, and maintaining a pristine appearance over time.

Aluminium Multifunctional Knob: Take control of volume, playback, and other functions with the aluminium multifunctional knob. Enjoy convenient access to essential controls without interrupting your workflow.

4600mAh Battery: Stay powered up and productive for extended periods with the YUNZII AL66's impressive 4600mAh battery capacity. Whether you are on the go or at your desk, this keyboard has the endurance to keep up with your demands.



Product Type: Mechanical Keyboard

Model: AL66

Layout: 65%

Number of Keys: 66

Mount Type: Gasket Mount

Case Material: CNC-Machined Aluminium Alloy

Colours: Black / Blue / Pink / Silver

Coating: Anodized

Plate: Flex Cuts PC Plate

PCB: Flex Cuts Hot Swappable PCB

Keycap Property:

  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: PBT
  • Production Process: Double-Shot + Dye Sublimation

Switch Property:

  • Milk Switches (Linear)
  • Material: POM + PC + Nylon (Stem + top + bottom housing)
  • Actuation Force: 45±10gf
  • Bottom-Out Force: 50±10gf
  • Actuation Travel: 2.0±0.6mm
  • Total Travel: 4.0±0.6mm
  • Durability: 50 million Keystrokes

Connection Mode: 3 Modes (Wired, 2.4GHz Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0)

Charging Port: 1 x USB-C

Battery Capacity: 4600mAh

Compatible Device: PC, Mac, Mobile Phone, and Tablet

Compatible Operating System: Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS

Item Weight: 1200.0g

Item Dimension (LxWxH): 324x115x36mm

Package Weight: 1600.0g

Package Dimension (LxWxH): 407x154x62mm


1 x YUNZII AL66 65% Layout Tri-Mode Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard

1 x USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable

1 x 2.4GHz USB Adapter

2 x Replacement Switch

4 x Replacement Keycap

1 x Keycap & Switch Puller

1 x Dust Cover

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 41 × 16 × 7 cm
Case Colour

Black, Blue, Pink, Silver

Switch Type

Milk (Linear)


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