VGN VXE75 Tri-Mode Aluminium Custom Mechanical Keyboard


VGN VXE75: Precision meets elegance with CNC-machined aluminum, electrophoresis coating, flex cuts plate, hot-swappable PCB, and ultra-low latency. Elevate your gaming experience!

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VGN VXE75 75% Layout 80 Keys Tri-Mode Gasket Structure Aluminium Custom Mechanical Keyboard

CNC-Machined Aluminum Anodizing / Electrophoresis Coating Anodizing / PVD Counterweight 75% Layout (80 Keys) Tri-Mode Connection Gasket Structure Flex Cuts PC / FR4 Plate Ultra-Low Latency Hot Swappable PCB N-Key Rollover Kailh Box Switches Double-Shot PBT Keycaps


Introducing the VXE75: Elevate your typing and gaming experience with precision and elegance. Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum with anodizing or electrophoresis coating, the VXE75 ensures durability and a pristine appearance. The flex cuts plate design and hot-swappable PCB offer ergonomic comfort and easy customization without soldering. Enjoy an immersive typing and gaming experience with ultra-low latency. The VXE75 is more than a keyboard; it is a statement of precision and unparalleled customization for enthusiasts. Redefine your relationship with your keyboard today.


CNC-Machined Aluminum: Crafted with precision, the premium CNC-machined aluminum build ensures durability, resilience, and a sleek aesthetic for high-end standards.

Anodizing / Electrophoresis Coating: Preserve the elegance with enhanced resistance to wear and tear, maintaining the VXE75's pristine appearance over time.

Anodizing / PVD Counterweight: Tailor your keyboard's aesthetics with a choice between an anodized or PVD coated counterweight, aligning with your individual sense of style.

75% Layout with 80 Keys: Tailored for enthusiasts, the VXE75 offers a balanced 75% layout, combining compact design with comprehensive functionality across 80 meticulously designed keys, saving up to 25% workspace.

Tri-Mode Connection: Seamlessly switch between wired USB-C, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless modes, adapting to your dynamic workflow with versatility.

Gasket Structure: By adding poron gaskets between the upper and lower housings, soft contact between the internal components and the housing is achieved. The gasket structure eliminates most of the hollow sound and avoids the noise caused by rigid collision, making the sound cleaner and purer, and the feel softer and more flexible.

Ultra-Low Latency: User-friendly software allows performance and lighting customization, including profiles and macros. The Smart Speed Ultra-Low Latency mode can achieve latency as low as 3ms, specially designed for hard-core gamers.

Flex Cuts PC / FR4 Plate: Redefine typing comfort with the softer flex cuts PC / FR4 Plate, offering a subtle ergonomic flex for a significantly enhanced and satisfying keystroke.

Flex Cuts Hot Swappable PCB: The hot swappable PCB allows users to customize the keyboard by changing switches without soldering. PCB's flex cuts design takes soft and flexible typing to a whole new level.

N-Key Rollover: Ensure flawless performance with advanced N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting technology, providing precise keystroke registration for a seamless typing or gaming experience.

Kailh Box Switches (Optional): Renowned Kailh Box Iceberry Ice Cream Pro switches provide a unique smooth feel, lightning-fast actuation, and exceptional durability. The box is designed to be waterproof and dustproof, further stabilizing the switch.

Double-Shot PBT Keycaps: Double-shot PBT keycaps, available in 5 different colourways, offer style and durability. The Cherry profile provide unparalleled comfort, while retaining a classic and premium typing feel with every keystroke.

Diverse Colour Options: Express your style with vibrant colour variations in keycaps and keyboard cases, including Silver Black, Black, White, Pink, and Purple.

3000mAh / 6000mAh Battery: Choose between a 3000mAh or 6000mAh battery for extended wireless use, ensuring uninterrupted operation, even during intense gaming sessions or extended work hours.

5-Layer Sound Dampeners: The keyboard is equipped with 5 layers of sound dampening materials (Poron PCB cotton, IXPE switch pad, PET sound dampening pad, sound dampening cotton, and bottom sound dampening cotton), which can effectively reduce typing noise and improve acoustics.

Customizable DEL Key (Optional): Personalize your experience by transforming the DEL key into a volume knob or a nameplate (sold separately), adding functionality or personalization to your high-end typing haven.


Brand: VGN

Product Type: Mechanical Keyboard

Model: VXE75

Layout: 75%

Number of Keys: 80

Mounting Style: Gasket Mount

Case Material: CNC-Machined Aluminium Alloy

Colourway: Silver Black / Black / White / Pink / Purple

Coating: Anodizing (Silver Black) / Electrophoresis (All other colourways)

Counterweight: Anodizing (Silver Black) / PVD Mirror (All other colourways)

Plate: Flex Cuts PC Plate (Silver Black) / Single-Key Flex Cuts FR4 Plate (All other colourways)

Keycap Property:

Profile: Cherry

Material: PBT

Production Process: Double-Shot (All other colourways) Five-Sided Dye-Sublimation (Purple)

Switch Property:

Aniya (Linear) (Silver Black) / Iceberry Ice Cream Pro (Linear) (All other colourways)

Material: LY+POM+POM / All POM (Stem, top & bottom housing respectively)

Actuation Force: 42±5gf / 40±10gf

Pretravel: 2.0±0.2mm / 1.0±0.4mm

Total Travel: 3.2±0.2mm / 3.5±0.3mm

Durability: 50 million Keystrokes

Connection Mode: 3 Modes (Wired, 2.4GHz Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0)

Charging Port: 1 x USB-C

Battery Capacity: 3000mAh (Silver Black) / 6000mAh (All other colourways)

Compatible Device: PC, Mac, Mobile Phone, and Tablet

Compatible Operating System: Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Item Weight: 1510.0g (Silver Black) / 1600.0g (All other colourways)

Item Dimension (LxWxH): 322x139x41mm

Package Weight: 2250.0g (Silver Black) / 2350.0g (All other colourways)

Package Dimension (LxWxH): 365x210x75mm


1 x VGN VXE75 Tri-Mode Aluminium Custom Mechanical Keyboard

3 x Replacement Switch

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

1 x 2.4GHz USB Adapter

1 x 1.8m USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable White

1 x 2 in 1 Keycap & Switch Puller

1 x Dust Cover

Additional information

Weight 2.45 kg
Dimensions 37 × 21 × 8 cm


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