TTC Flaming Purple Linear Switches 42gf for Custom Mechanical Keyboards (10 pcs)

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TTC Flaming Purple Switches: Elevate gaming and typing with long pole POK Stem for durability and condenser lens for enhanced backlighting.

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TTC Flaming Purple Linear Switches 42gf for Gaming and Typing on Custom Mechanical Keyboards (10 pcs)

Linear Switches Great for Gaming &Typing Dustproof Long Pole POK Stem 42gf Operating Force 23mm Spring Equipped with Condenser Lens 100 million Keystrokes


Elevate your gaming and typing experience with TTC Flaming Purple Switches. Their newly developed stem ensures ultra-responsiveness, perfect for gaming and typing tasks. Crafted from Polyketone (POK), a material known for exceptional durability, these switches redefine longevity. The addition of a condenser lens enhances backlighting, creating a captivating ambiance. These switches acknowledge keystrokes without causing disruptions, striking the perfect balance between audible feedback and tranquillity. With 100 million keypress durability, they are built to withstand intense usage. Upgrade your keyboard with TTC Flaming Purple Switches, combining usability for gaming and typing with innovative materials and enhanced aesthetics.


Responsive Keystrokes: Featuring a newly developed long pole POK Stem, these switches offer unparalleled responsiveness with a 1.6mm pre-travel and 3.6mm total travel, ideal for gaming and typing tasks.

Balanced Performance: The 42gf operating force strikes a perfect balance between gaming speed and typing comfort, offering a seamless transition between tasks.

Material Advancements: The stem is crafted from Polyketone (POK), a versatile plastic renowned for its exceptional mechanical properties, making it stronger and more resistant than most types of plastic. This enhances switch durability and performance to unprecedented levels.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Equipped with a condenser lens, the TTC Flaming Purple Switches optimize backlighting, creating an immersive gaming ambiance or a visually striking typing experience.

Balanced Acoustics: While not completely silent, these switches maintain a harmonious balance between audible feedback and tranquility. Your keystrokes will be acknowledged without causing disruptions in your environment.

Unmatched Durability: These switches are built to withstand it all, with an astonishing 100 million keypress durability. Plus, their conductive metal contacts are silver-coated to enhance oxidation resistance and overall switch longevity.


Brand: TTC

Name: Flaming Purple Linear Switches


Product Type: Keyboard Switches

Colour: Purple

Switch Type: Linear

Top Housing: PC

Bottom Housing: PA66

Stem: POK, Long Pole

Number of Pins: 3

Spring: 23mm Single-Stage

Pre-Travel: 1.6±0.3mm

Bottom-Out Travel: 3.6±0.3mm

Operating Force: 42±5gf

Package Weight: 20.0g

Package Dimension (LxWxH): 220x145x40mm


1 x TTC Flaming Purple Linear Switches 42gf for Custom Mechanical Keyboards (10 pcs)

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Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions22 × 15 × 4 cm
Switch Type

Flaming Purple


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