[Pre Order] WOBKEY Rainy75 75% Layout Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard


WOBKEY Rainy75 Keyboard: CNC-machined aluminium, 14 variants, gasket mount, tri-mode connectivity, dynamic RGB, ultimate thocky sound, unparalleled comfort.

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WOBKEY Rainy75 75% Layout Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard

CNC-Machined Aluminium Alloy Anodized or Electrophoresis Case Glass or Stainless Steel Backplate 14 Stunning Variants 75% Layout with 81 Keys Gasket Mount for Supreme Comfort 5-layer Sound-Dampening Foams Tri-Mode Connectivity Ultra-Low Latency Flex Cuts PP / FR4 Plate Flex Cuts 1.2mm PCB Dynamic RGB Backlight


Discover luxury and performance with the WOBKEY Rainy75 keyboard. Crafted from CNC-machined aluminium and available in 14 variants, it features an anodized or electrophoresis coating and a choice of glass or stainless steel backplate. Enjoy a 75% layout with 81 keys, gasket mount, tri-mode connectivity, and ultra-low latency. Flex cuts in the PP/FR4 plate and 1.2mm PCB, dynamic RGB backlight, and 5-layer sound-dampening foams deliver the ultimate thocky sound and unparalleled comfort.


CNC-Machined Aluminium Alloy: Feel the solid elegance of a body meticulously crafted from CNC-machined aluminium. This precision engineering provides a durable and visually stunning chassis, making the Rainy75 as robust as it is beautiful.

Anodized or Electrophoresis Case: Choose between the sleek anodized finish or the high-gloss electrophoresis coating. Both options ensure your keyboard remains resistant to wear and tear, maintaining its pristine appearance through endless typing adventures.

Glass or Stainless Steel Backplate: Make a statement with your choice of a shimmering glass or a rugged stainless steel backplate. Each material offers its unique touch of sophistication and strength, adding a personal touch to your keyboard.

14 Stunning Variants: With 14 vibrant variants, the Rainy75 caters to every aesthetic preference. From classic monochromes to vivid hues, find the perfect match for your style and personality.

75% Layout with 81 Keys: The 75% layout strikes the perfect balance between functionality and space-saving design. It includes all the essential keys while leaving room for your other desk essentials.

Gasket Mount for Supreme Comfort: The innovative gasket mount system cushions each keystroke, providing a soft, flexible typing feel that reduces strain and enhances comfort, especially during long typing sessions.

5-layer Sound-Dampening Foams: Savor the ultimate thocky sound with our meticulously designed 5-layer sound-dampening foams. Each keystroke resonates with a deep, satisfying thock, reducing noise and enhancing your typing pleasure.

Tri-Mode Connectivity: Enjoy the freedom of tri-mode connectivity with wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless options. Seamlessly switch between devices and never compromise on connectivity or convenience.

Ultra-Low Latency: Experience lightning-fast response times with ultra-low latency performance. Whether you are gaming or typing, every keystroke registers with impeccable precision and speed.

Flex Cuts PP / FR4 Plate: Choose between PP or FR4 flex cuts plates to customize your typing experience. Both options offer enhanced flexibility and stability, providing a responsive feel that adapts to your typing style.

Flex Cuts 1.2mm PCB: The 1.2mm flex cuts PCB ensures every keystroke feels just right, delivering a plush and satisfying typing experience that is easy on your fingers.

Dynamic RGB Backlight: Illuminate your workspace with dynamic RGB backlighting. Customize your keyboard’s lighting effects to suit your mood or match your setup, creating a visually stunning ambiance.



Product Type: Mechanical Keyboard

Model: Rainy75

Layout: 75%

Number of Keys: 81

Mount Type: Gasket Mount

Production Process: CNC Cutting

Case Material: Aluminium Alloy

Backplate Material: Glass (Standard Series) / 304 Stainless Steel (Pro Series)

Case Coating: 180 Mesh Anodized or Electrophoresis (Standard Series) / 180 Mesh Anodized or Electrophoresis (Pro Series)


  • Standard Series: Anodized Black / Anodized Silver / Electro Blue / Electro Pink / Electro White
  • Pro Series: Anodized Black / Anodized Silver / Electro Blue / Electro Milk White / Electro Moon White / Electro Pink / Electro Purple / Electro White / Electro Yellow

Plate: PP with Flex Cuts (Standard Series) / FR4 with Flex Cuts (Pro Series)

PCB: 1.2mm with Flex Cuts, Hot Swappable, Standard 75% ANSI Layout, RGB Backlight

Connectivity: Tri-Mode (Wired USB-C / 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 5.0)

Latency: 2ms (Wired) / 3ms (2.4 GHz) / 7ms (Bluetooth)

Compatible Software: VIA

Internal Padding: 5 Layers of Sound-Dampening Foams

Switches: HMX Violet Linear (Standard Series) / JWK WOB Linear (Pro Series)

Keycaps: Double Shot PBT Keycaps

Battery Capacity: 3500mAh (Standard Series) / 7000mAh (Pro Series)

Item Weight: 1950.0g

Item Dimension (LxWxH): 320x140x40mm

Package Weight: 2570.0g

Package Dimension (LxWxH): 365x205x70mm


1 x WOBKEY Rainy75 Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard

1 x USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable

1 x 2.4GHz USB Adapter

3 x Replacement Switch

1 x Keycap & Switch Puller

1 x Dust Cover

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Additional information

Weight2.75 kg
Dimensions37 × 21 × 7 cm
Case Colour

Anodized Black with Gradient Glass Backplate, Anodized Black with Stainless Steel Backplate, Anodized Silver with Mirrored Glass Backplate, Anodized Silver with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro Blue with Gradient Glass Backplate, Electro Blue with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro Milk White with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro Moon White with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro Pink with Mirrored Glass Backplate, Electro Pink with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro Purple with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro White with Mirrored Glass Backplate, Electro White with Stainless Steel Backplate, Electro Yellow with Stainless Steel Backplate

Switch Type

Violet (Linear), WOB (Linear)


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