Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches Tactile 50gf Factory Lubed (100 pcs)

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Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches offer precise, tactile keypresses with a 50gf actuation force, dustproof POM Stem, and transparent PC housings for enhanced illumination.

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Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches Tactile 50gf (100 pcs)

Tactile Switches Dustproof POM Stem Transparent PC Housings 50gf Actuation Force 62gf Initial Force60 million Keystrokes


Introducing Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches, engineered for precision and longevity. Featuring tactile feedback, dustproof POM stem, transparent PC housings, 50gf actuation force, 62gf initial force, and 60M keystroke lifespan. Experience enhanced typing and gaming performance with consistent, satisfying keystrokes. Illuminate your setup with customizable RGB lighting while enjoying the smooth key travel. Built to last, these switches ensure durability and reliability for long-term use. Upgrade your keyboard with Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches for an unparalleled typing experience.


Tactile Switches: Experience superior tactile feedback with the Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches, providing a satisfying keystroke with each press for enhanced typing and gaming performance.

Dustproof POM Stem: Equipped with a dustproof POM stem, these switches ensure smooth and consistent key travel while preventing dust accumulation, maintaining optimal performance over time.

Transparent PC Housings: The transparent PC housings not only offer a sleek and modern aesthetic but also allow for customizable RGB lighting, illuminating your keyboard setup with vibrant colours and effects.

50gf Actuation Force: With a tactile actuation force of 50gf, these switches strike a balance between responsiveness and comfort, providing a satisfying typing experience without excessive resistance.

62gf Initial Force: The Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches feature a precise initial force of 62gf, ensuring consistent and deliberate keypresses, ideal for users seeking accuracy and tactile feedback.

60 million Keystrokes Lifespan: Built to withstand heavy use, these switches offer an impressive lifespan of 60 million keystrokes, guaranteeing long-term reliability and durability for all your typing and gaming needs.


Brand: Leobog

Model: Ink Crystal V3

Product Type: Keyboard Switches

Colour: Black + Transparent

Switch Type: Tactile

Stem: POM

Top Housing: PC

Bottom Housing: PC

Number of Pins: 5

Actuation Travel: 1.9±0.3mm

Bottom-Out Travel: 3.4±0.3mm

Initial Force: 62gf Min

Actuation Force: 50±3gf

Bottom-Out Force: 64±3gf

Package Weight: 250.0g

Package Dimension (LxWxH): 170x140x140mm


1 x Leobog Ink Crystal V3 Switches Tactile 50gf (100 pcs)

Each package contains 100 original switches and a clear plastic bottle.

Additional information

Weight0.29 kg
Dimensions10 × 9 × 9 cm
Switch Type

Ink Crystal V3


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