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Group Buy

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What is a group buy (GB)?

A group buy (GB) is a collective purchasing method where enthusiasts order unique keyboard components like keycaps, switches, and keyboard kits in bulk. This approach allows buyers to access custom-made, high-quality parts at reduced prices by sharing production costs.

Group buys are organized through our online shop, enabling enthusiasts to create bespoke keyboards not available through regular retail channels. Typically, group buys follow an interest check (IC) and are time-limited, lasting 1-2 weeks, after which production and delivery commence.

LUMINKEY65 65% Layout Custom Mechanical Keyboard

The LUMINKEY65: Premium CNC aluminium, tri-mode, hot-swappable, 65% layout, gasket mount, sound-dampening, ultra-low latency. Available barebone or pre-built.

The group buy will start at 12:00am on Monday, 17 June, and end at 23:59pm on Sunday, 30 June (AEST).

Stay tuned for more updates!

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