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Interest Check

See below for all items subject to interest checks.

What is an interest check (IC)?

Interest check (IC) projects are products that are in the early or mid-stage of design or development and have not yet been released.

Before placing an order for production, we need to gather enough people who are strongly interested in the product to meet the minimum order quantity required by the manufacturer.

In order to express your interest and make this product live, we encourage you to fill out the IC form on the product page as soon as possible. You don’t have to pay anything at this time.

Once the IC is approved, we will notify you and then we will enter the group buy stage when payment is required.

Group Buy

See below for all group buy items.

What is a group buy?

A group buy is a collective purchasing method where enthusiasts order unique components like keycaps, switches, and barebone keyboards (keyboard kits) in bulk.

This approach allows buyers to access custom-made, high-quality parts at reduced prices by sharing production costs.

Group buys are organized through our online shop, enabling enthuasists to create bespoke keyboards that are not available through regular retail channels.

Usually, we conduct a group buy after completing an interest check (IC), though occasionally we proceed without one. Group buys are typically time-limited, lasting 1-2 weeks, rather than having a quantity limit.

A specific period will be designated for the group buy, during which buyers can place their orders. Once this period ends, the group buy closes, and the manufacturer begins production and prepares the items for delivery.

Pre Order

See below for all pre order items.

What is a pre order (PO)?

Pre order (PO) items are products we purchased from manufacturers overseas (mostly China), but are still in transit and have not yet arrived at our local warehouse.

It usually takes about a month for us to receive the product before it can be shipped to you. However, delays may sometimes occur, so shipping dates are only an estimate and not always accurate.

You can order them just as securely as in-stock items. Once we receive the product, we will notify you via email and ship your order to you.

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