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Build more powerful weapons as you GO BERSERK.

Creative, enthusiastic, and versatile. Mechanical keyboards go berserk.

My name is Martin and I am a hardcore video gamer with a passion for all types of computer related products. Not satisfied with the average mass production keyboard on the market, I set out to learn how to build my own mechanical keyboard with carefully selected parts and accessories.

After overcoming a big learning curve and building quite a few custom mechanical keyboards as a hobby, I found it more fun to share my own keyboard customization experiences with the other fans. So, I decided to bring this fun to the community by building a business specializing in the field of custom mechanical keyboards.

Inspired by the Viking warrior characters in some games, I came up with the brand name “BerserKeys” which is a combination of “Berserk” and “Keys”, meaning we are die-hard enthusiasts of custom mechanical keyboards, and will strive to bring this passion and expertise to people like us.

Our vision is to bring endless fun and added value to our customers by providing creative and novel products and friendly services at reasonable prices.

We believe that by working with you, our customer, we can build more powerful weapons for your requirements, whether it is gaming, working or anything else.

That way, you can easily GO BERSERK for the things you love when you need to.

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